About RAEY

RAEY (meaning vision in Ethiopia's native language Amharic) is a community development project located in Yerer in eastern Addis Ababa.

RAEY is a community school for children whose families suffer from extreme poverty and illness. Many of these children have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. If not for RAEY, many of these children would go without regular meals, education and support. We provide essential schooling in a supportive, protective and nurturing environment and attend to the health and nutritional needs of the children and their families.

RAEY is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) which is strictly not for profit and adherences to the code of conduct for the DPPC (Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission) and Food Security Programme as per The Ethiopian Government and Ministries regulations.  See the end of this section for government registration details.

RAEY's ethos extends beyond supporting individual children. We aim to strengthen the capacity of the family and surrounding community through income generating projects and extensive educational programs. The adults, (parents and guardians of orphans) also live in extreme poverty. Many are unskilled and illiterate. Access to food, clean water and medicine is limited. We believe that to support the children, one must support and educate the larger community as well. That is the crux of the RAEY foundation.

EDUCATION is a well recognised key to achieving the Millennium Goals of the World Health Organisation and is funded solely through donations. Its services are supported by volunteers from all walks of life, local Ethiopian staff and administers and assistance from many schools and other organizations.

REGISTRATON DETAILS-RAEY Yehetsanat Ena Betseb Limat Maheber (RAEY Children and Family Development Association):PO Box 57887, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia;Registration Body 0250 Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Justice, Charities and Societies