Friends of Raey

The progress of RAEY from a one classroom school with 38 children in 2007 operating out of a shed to a fully equipped school with teachers, teaching assistants, uniforms, food, and regular health checks for 330 children would not have been possible without the tireless support of sponsors, volunteers and the many donors who have made RAEY what it is today.

Friends of RAEY (FOR) include an international network of volunteers, sponsors and donors united in RAEY's mission. Friends of RAEY are committed, caring people who work together to raise support and awareness for the RAEY children in their home countries.

Please read below the contributions that the Friends of RAEY have made.

  • School Partnerships
    • Dubai College

      Dubai College has supported RAEY in numerous ways.

      A small group of students from Year 10 and Year12 meets regularly to organise fundraising activities and other events to help the children and families at RAEY. 

      The academic Year 2011-2012 started with the purchase of 180 blankets which were the result of a fiercely contested dodgeball tournament.  From then we moved to the feeding programme and raising funds by covering a large picture of a cow with RAEY Logos and a number of bake sales, as well as a donation from World Food Day. December saw the end of term non-uniform day raise enough money to pay for the 2012 RAEY Summer School .  

      Christmas brought with it the much enjoyed Christmas stocking initiative where students across the school (but mostly in Year 8) put together 50 Christmas stockings for the children of RAEY. This project was met with as much enthusiasm from those making the stockings as those who received them . 

      Lots of thought and care went into choosing gifts based around the individual children's profiles. The milk drive continued in the second term and we ended the term with a sponsored swim which will enable us to start the Dubai College Scholarship for two children for the next five years.  

      More events are in the planning stages as I write and the future looks exciting both for the DC RAEY Charity Committee as well as the children at RAEY.

      Jumeriah English Speaking School (JESS)

      In 2011, the JESS Parents Group donated an amount which was put to great use refurbishing beautiful new classrooms with desks and chairs, a blackboard and educational posters.

      In 2012, the students at JESS raised enough money to begin an agricultural project that’s been on RAEY’s wishlist for months – egg-laying chickens. A Cake and Bake sale through the JESS Parent’s Group raised another AED10,000, an amount that was topped up by the efforts of Year 8 girls Janneke Zwager, Mouna Baba, Jenna Tayfield and Elisha Skinner who completed a 40-hour famine raising a further AED3,400. The total money will go towards a brood of egg-laying hens.

      In May 2013 JESS Parents Group donated another AED5,000 which will be used for the Garden Project. The project consists of making a garden so that we can plant food to feed the children.


      Kings' Dubai

      Kings' Dubai raised AED40,000 to sponsor the 2013 Pre-KG Class. This generous donation has made a huge difference to the lives of these children.

      Dubai English Speaking College

      DESC have been amazing supporters of RAEY. DESC teachers and students have worked tirelessly to provide medicines including immunization for the HIV Women’s Center who RAEY supports. DESC have raised funds for furniture for classrooms, provided school polo shirts, collected milk powder and organized seeds for the 'Plant a Seed' project. Most recently DESC have bought dictionaries and children's reading books, donated stationery and art supplies. Last year DESC raised a total of AED8,000 which was donated to RAEY in support of our School Bus Project. With the support of DESC, we have raised a total of USD35,000 which is enough to purchase a minibus for the school, as well as finance it for one year (diesel, driver and maintenance).

      Jumeirah College

      The College has provided the funds to allow RAEY to purchase the furntiture, whiteboards and other classroom requirements. This year they have also bought the ovens and kitchen facilities.   JC has also provided uniforms, shoes, trainers, stationery and clothes from the Lost Property store. The parents of the school have also organised volunteers to provide clothing and to help us transport the goods to Addis through the pilot spouses. The mums at the school take home the lost property, wash it and bring it back for delivery.

      GEMS Jumeirah Primary School

      GEMS Primary School has been supplying RAEY with school uniforms, shirts and shoes since 2009. Take a look thoughout our photo gallery, ALL uniforms have been provided by GEMS.

      The children at Jumeirah Primary School have been busy fundraising for RAEY this year. Activities have included selling RAEY Christmas Cards, a ‘trash to treasure’ sale and 2 sponsored walks. They continue to collect uniforms and are keen to send out more resources soon.

  • Community Partnerships
    • Dubai Exiles Football Club

      July 2011 the Dubai Exiles Rugby Club (DERFC) was shocked to learn of a tragic boating accident that lead to the death of Exiles and UAE national rugby player, Jon Beeton. In response to Jon’s death a fundraiser was held by the Exiles Club to support Jon’s family and young widow, Tammy. The response was overwhelming and as a result Tammy pledged AED40,000 to RAEY, the Exiles’ official charity.

      The memory of Jon will be kept alive through the Jon Beeton Memorial Scholarship that covers the education and upkeep of three children until the school leaving age of 16. With an estimated 7000 children at risk of malnourishment and severe poverty in the RAEY region, three of the most needy were identified: Zerihun Belege (10 years old), and brother and sister pair Samuel (8 years old) and his sister Wosene Habtamu (6 years old). Life has been extremely hard for these three children; poverty, death and illness have been very real threats. In less than a decade they have experienced what no human being should have to experience in a lifetime. The Jon Beeton Memorial Scholarship is a true gift. They now have a very different reality – an education, a chance in life and a future they could once only dream of.

      In May 2013, our loyal supporters, Dubai Exiles, donated another AED20,000 to the RAEY Foundation!  They invited one of the Dubai volunteers to attend their end of season BBQ bash at the Desert Palm, for a fun filled evening.  This donation will be utilized towards the water project.  Your continued support makes a huge difference to the lives of the 220 students and 17 staff at the school.

      Hopes and Dreams

      The Hopes and Dreams Foundation is an Australian funded, volunteer based, non-profit, non-political, non-religious foundation. Fundamental needs that are taken for granted, such as food, medical, education, basic utilities and housing, are out of reach for many people in developing countries. Hopes and Dreams contributed significant funds (over 20% of the cost) of the 1750m2 of fertile land in the Kebene council district of Yerer which RAEY now owns!

      Hopes and Dreams have also contributed funds to the building of the new school. Next on the agenda is the community and medical centre which will eventually care and cater for over 200 families.

      Gulf for Good

      Gulf for Good has funded Stages 1 and 2 of the building of the RAEY school. Stage 1 was completed in time for the start of the 2011 school year, creating rooms for Lower KG, KG, Prep, Years 1 & 2, a sleep room, resource room and office.  The construction for stage 2 has commenced. This stage will include further classrooms kitchen, dining area and medical and dental rooms.

      The children and their guardians are very proud of their school and are taking very good care of it.   The children love the quiet, bright, well-ventilated classrooms.

      Gulf for Good have contributed over USD45,000, an amazing contribution.  For more information :

  • Corporate and Business Partnerships
    • Code and Co Consultancy

      The RAEY Website has been an opportunity for Code and Co Consultancy to give back to the community.


      Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic

      Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic has been supporting RAEY since 2010 in a variety of ways including providing a monthly donation that allows RAEY to provide the basics to many children in the school.  ABC invites all their clients to support RAEY on the basis that the little things in life can make such a huge difference to the lives of many and WILL not only put a smile on someone’s face, it will contribute to the welbeing of many families.  Website:


      Part of the Shirlaw’s philosophy is to contribute positively to communities.  When one of the principals of Shirlaws visited RAEY in 2013, she discovered that any donation made to the RAEY Foundation would be used 100% for the education of the most vulnerable children in Addis. From that time, the Shirlaws partnership undertook to provide support for the education of a class of students. They were allocated the 2013-2014 Upper KG class of students who in September 2014 will graduate to the primary school to enter Grade 1.  Shirlaws is committed to supporting this group of students through their primary school journey. 


      EER are delighted to support such a worthwhile cause such as RAEY. In 2012 Marie O'Neill Head of Business Operations took part in the Ironman competition and raised $40,000 for RAEY which paid for a School Bus. We are confident and happy that our subsequent annual donations are used in the best possible manner to enhance the lives of the children and give them a brighter future.
  • Raey100
    • EER