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Dubai Volunteers Meeting (5 February 2013)

Water Project - We discussed the priorities with the group and it seemed to us that the WATER project is the main priority for the school. One of our amazingly generous volunteers who attended the meeting, has decided to donate USD1,000 towards the water project. Bus Project - Marie has now raised USD41,000 for the bus project. This has been a staggering effort. Congratulations Marie - you set out to raise a significant amount for RAEY and succeeded, we are really proud of you!  We now need to get this money to Addis and actually make this happen. Summer School - We really need to start organising our approach to summer school. Ideally we need 5 volunteers per week, in addition to having the RAEY teachers. Is there anyone who can volunteer for this? Transport Sponsorship - A volunteer, Marianne Stevenson, from aerobridge came to the meeting. The organisation she works for transports items around the world through airline crew (including private planes).  She has offered on behalf of aerobridge to investigate the possibility of adding Addis to their list of routes. Changing the Fundraising Model - We discussed the possibility of changing to a ‘project’ based funding model, rather than individual child sponsorship. People thought it was a good idea but wanted to keep both options. I will organise the website with the priorities and projects we want funded and the cost of each project. Quiz Night Proceeds - We had agreed that the proceeds from the quiz night would go to the Water Project. We see that your and Mengesha’s greater priority is the school playground – see below that the calendar money Annerine and Natalie raised will go to the playground. The money raised at the quiz night can therefore be used to top this up or for the water project. Calendar Update - A huge thank you to Annerine who together with Natalie’s assistance, raised over AED5,000 for RAEY through the sale of Calendars.  We have many left, if anyone would now like to have one... please let Annerine know.