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Our very own Iron Woman (December 2012)

I did it and I survived… I don’t know what was the hardest… the race or the 9 days of celebrating after the race! I’m not going to lie and say that it was easy (it really is called Ironman for a reason!) because it wasn’t, it was a tough day but the feeling crossing that finish line is one I will never forget, definitely the most emotional moment of my life. I crossed the line and collapsed in floods of tears which didn’t stop for well over half an hour! However the pain in my legs lasted a little longer!

Again a huge thank you to all of you, you have all kindly supported me in one way or another, be it generous donations towards the RAEY school bus or providing me with much needed emotional support. What a journey it has been over the past few months, plenty of ups and downs and so many memories. My family and friends have all been wonderful and so supportive, I hope to return the favour and be there for you all when the time arises.

See our January 2013 newsletter to read more about how Marie reached her goal of completing an Iron Man and raised over $30,000 towards the RAEY School Bus Project.