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Tri-ing for RAEY (2 March 2013)

Tri-ing for RAEY

Three ladies, three disciplines, one event to raise money for RAEY

From all corners of the globe three women come together to raise money for RAEY by competing in the Abu Dhabi International Sprint Triathlon, 2nd March, 2013. Stefanie Grenon, 23 years old, from Quebec will complete the 750-meter swim, Dubai resident Anne-Marie Deglume, 55 years, will race the 50-kilometer cycle and Leen De Coninck, 49 from Belgium will complete the triathlon with a five kilometer run.

Inspiration behind the event is long-time RAEY supporter Dr Anne-Marie who visits the school every few months to check on the medical care of the children and their guardians. “In the four years I have been visiting RAEY I have seen steady health progress. There is now a lot less malnutrition and diseases related to vitamin deficiency and hygiene. Most striking, however, is seeing how happy the children now are. Four years ago there was a general sadness; a lack of hope and purpose. Now the children giggle, play and enjoy life, as children should. As a doctor it is wonderful to be able to use my skills to help those most in need.”

For all three women the triathlon will be a challenge that they hope to complete in less than three hours. To race the 50 kilometers Dr. Anne-Marie has been cycling up to 75 kilometers per week.

Stefanie Grenon has been an accomplished and competitive swimmer since high school. Now living in Quebec she is completing a Science Management Master’s Degree in Social Responsibility and Strategy. “By competing in the Abu Dhabi triathlon and fund raising for RAEY I am combining two of my biggest passions - I’m using my love of sport to benefit those less fortunate.”

From Belgium is Leen De Coninck, an Occupational Therapy lecturer at the Belgium University College Arteveldehogeschool. While Leen may have recently picked up running, she has always been involved in charity work. Leen has previous experience in involvement with a center for children and elders affected by aids in the rural area of KwaZulu Natal. She is also in the process of applying for funding from the Belgian city of Waregem to cover basic vaccination costs for RAEY. “I strongly believe that every child should have access to basic education and healthcare.”

Your contribution could go a long way to helping the triathletes and the children of RAEY. Click ‘DONATE’ on the header to contribute.