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Award winning Raey Foundation

Early February 2015 Raey was awarded “Best kindergarten in the district”. Education 

experts from various government departments including the Bole Sub City Finance and 

Economy office, Children Support Department and the Department for Women, 

Children and Youth Affairs evaluated the Raey Foundation along with 28 other 

kindergartens in the district spanning a 15-kilometer radius. Raey was awarded top 

honours for best fulfilling all requirements. The evaluation was based on location, 

facilities within the school, administration, professionalism of teachers, service to the 

community and most importantly achievement and academic results of the students. 

According to Raey Foundation’s director Mengesha Gebreyes, “Feedback from the 

education assessors and auditors was that we are doing exceptionally well. They have 

followed us closely through our development and were excited to see our progress. To 

be awarded the best in the district is a huge accomplishment and we feel very proud, 

encouraged and motivated to proceed. We are humbled once again by the far-reaching 

support we receive for these needy children. Thank you to everyone involved. This 

award is for you all, we simply couldn’t do it alone.”

Co-founder Dr. Carolyn Roesler adds that, “Education is a key tool for survival and 

success. As the young generation move forward education is pivotal. It remains our 

focus, our goal and our passion. We are delighted with this award because the success 

will filter down to the children.”