Teachers and School Staff

Vital to the daily care of the children are a tight knit group of teachers who have supported RAEY and nurtured the children right from the start. Since learning is at the core of all Raey stands for, without this team of hard working and dedicated teachers, nothing would be possible. Almaz Anulo, Daditu Mekuria, Emebet Zeleke and Mintwab Geremew.  Providing nutrient rich meals is another cornerstone of Raey. The cook, Genet Ashena, provides the children and staff with two meals per day. She is supported by the cleaner/janitor Mestwat Girma.  The first face of Raey you’re likely to meet is driver Abiy Meshesha. Nothing is too much trouble for Abiy and what he doesn’t know about Addis Ababa isn’t worth knowing.  Another familiar face is Fanuel Gezahegn, the Raey accountant who is responsible for bank transfers, auditing and all things financial.