Dr Carolyn Roesler


A born humanitarian, Carolyn has always believed in making a difference to the lives of those less fortunate. From her early work in Australia helping the needy and homeless to her commitment to the children of Ethiopia, Carolyn has given many children a sense of purpose and hope – something she believes is a basic human right. Following medical school Carolyn continued her studies in the field of public health and poverty reduction strategies. She moved to Dubai to work in Aviation Medicine for Emirates Airlines with the specific aim of doing volunteer work in Ethiopia. Carolyn first started with Kidane Orphanage in Addis Ababa where she with nutritional and medical support. She also managed a programme for orphaned teenagers to help youth deal with HIV, poverty and loss. Fundraising for these and other Ethiopian school projects was ongoing.

During one of Carolyn’s many trips to Addis Ababa she met Mengesha and Friahiwot who had rented a small shed to educate a handful of destitute children in their community. Carolyn shared their vision of providing these children with a solid education and medical support to enable a brighter future. With Carolyn’s support and guidance for the past six years, Raey has grown into the thriving community project that it is today.

Carolyn now lives in Adelaide, Australia with her five children. She continues to work tirelessly directing projects that help feed, educate and nurture the children of Raey and the community beyond.