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The children's right to privacy and the need to observe the data protection laws of various countries are paramount and this means that there are certain sorts of information (sensitive information about the child's background, for example) that we choose not to include on our website without changing the names to protect children's privacy.

It is also essential to pay attention to protecting the rights and dignity of the sponsored children, in particular their desire not to be put on show to the public. You hereby agree to treat as confidential and agree not to publish the personal details about the RAEY students and staff such as name and personal information (eg health and achievements at school etc.). Further, you agree not to publish pictures (including on social networking websites) that will be disclosed to you as a sponsor.

You hereby agree to adhere to the above requirements with respect to the privacy of the children and staff. You further agree that your personal data will be (provided as part of this registration) collected, processed, and forwarded within the RAEY organisation.