Sponsorship Categories-

Thank you for considering sponsoring a student of the RAEY school. While we allocate individual student/s to you, so that you can follow the progress of one or more individual students, in fact the money raised goes to supporting the entire school. No student is treated any differently. They all receive the same education, medical attention, food, uniform and resources – the student/s are unaware of our fund-raising activities. We believe that all children should just be in the business of being children and not worry whether there are enough funds to go to school tomorrow.

  • Raey100
    • We aim to attract 100 members, who will each commit to fundraising and/or donating USD1,000 towards the RAEY100 fund. The funds raised will go towards supporting the operation of the school and to providing basic needs to the RAEY community. More information on the RAEY100 page. Please see Raey100 page for details of this innovative sponsorship offering to corporates.

  • Standard
    • Annual Sponsonship per student:

      USD 250

      Items Covered


      Uniforms, books and stationery

      2 meals daily and monthly guardian/parent lunch

      Summer school

      Regular health and dental checks

  • Standard Plus Package
    • Annual Sponsonship per student:

      USD 400

      Items Covered

      This sponsorship package includes all the items included the standard package.

      The additional amount will go towards one of the many income generating projects like: plant a seed, learning to sew, pot a garden, sponsor a hen.

  • Corporate
    • Contact us if your organisation would like to get involved. We can discuss branding opportunities.