Sponsor a Child

In Ethiopia, early childhood education is virtually non-existent. Due to extreme poverty, children are at risk of starvation and are exposed to preventable diseases - they are often abandoned and forced into child labour situations. RAEY is situated in the Yerer region in eastern Addis Ababa. There are thousands upon thousands of needy children that are deemed at risk – as far as we can tell, there are approximately 7,000 children in our area who need RAEY's help.

The vision of RAEY was born from a desire to support these children and their families. Every child selected at RAEY undergoes an intensive selection process that is governed at council level and verified by the Ministry of Women Affairs.

The statistics in Ethiopia for births and deaths are almost non-existent but local government authorities are trying to establish an accurate name's register of those deemed to be in imminent risk of death and malnutrition and it is from this group the RAEY students are selected.

From this list, guardians and members of the community are interviewed and the authenticity of a child's background is checked to verify that they have little or no income and fit the criteria for joining RAEY.

Once a child is selected, RAEY endeavours to support the family through monthly guardian days, providing limited food supplies for the whole family and monitoring the health of everyone in the family through the twice yearly Medical and Dental interventions.

The sponsorship of individual children is crucial to RAEY's success and central to our fundraising activities. To save administrative time and effort of our dedicated volunteers, we accept annual sponsorship payments in advance.